Monday, August 30, 2010

the good guy

id like to believe that good guys get what they justly deserve...

but the world doesnt work that way...

in this fucked up world, good guys finish last...

and commonly (borrowing something from Batman: The Dark Knight)

if youve been the good guy for a long time, you end up seeing yourself

throwing the towel and just turning your coat over and be the bad guy...


i wish the world would just flip over and things would change...

i used to be a good guy...

and lately...

i dont know what i am...

* sigh *

Sunday, August 08, 2010

the opposite of everything

i've waited a long time for someone i could fall in love with

i've watied for the moment that i could sing to you all the love songs in the world

you came and everything seemed all right

but now im afraid to say it

but theres a song playing in my head

and its not the one i expected that i would sing to you

the tears i would see are not the ones that i anticipated

and i dont know how to make everything alright


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